Man assaults girlfriend & steals laptop charger after another man texts her phone

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Police say Addison Propst’s girlfriend was making food when he saw an incoming text on her phone from another man. Per an arrest warrant, he then assaulted her while screaming “You’re cheating on me!”, left the bedroom, forced his way back in, stole her laptop charger, and fled the scene.

Metro police were called to an East Nashville home for a domestic assault on May 30th. The victim told police she had just been assaulted by her boyfriend, Addison Cory Propst, who has just fled the location. She explained to the police the couple had just arrived at her home for the evening, and she had left her cellphone in the bedroom while she went to the kitchen to make herself something to eat.

As she was preparing food, the arrest warrant details that Addison Propst remained in the bedroom, and was alerted to an incoming text on the victim’s phone from another male. When she returned to the bedroom, she says Propst began yelling at her stating she was cheating on him, and at some point pushed her onto the bed, and held her down as the yelling continued.

Addison Propst (MNPD)
Addison Propst (MNPD)

As she was held down, Propst is alleged to have then slapped her face with the back of his hand. Eventually she managed to push him off her, and ran out of the bedroom. Propst chased her into the living room, pushing her onto the floor once again, per the report. She says he then stood over her and stated “I should break this phone” – and then threw her iPhone onto the floor, shattering the front and back. She used this opportunity to retreat to the bedroom, locking the door. Addison Propst then forced his way, stole her laptop charger, and fled the house. She was then able to use a neighbor’s phone to call police.

Addison Propst was served with the warrant three hours after it was signed, charged with domestic assault, theft of property, and vandalism. He posted a $4,500 bond after the mandated 12-hour domestic violence hold. – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

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