Man gets in stranger’s car believing it’s an uber, passes out on sidewalk when kicked out.

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Police found 34-year-old Kyle Maring passed out a downtown Nashville sidewalk, where he ended up after he was kicked out of a car that he thought was an Uber, but wasn’t. He is charged with resisting arrest, vandalism, and public intoxication.

Metro Police were dispatched to 6th Ave N. & Deaderick Saturday morning, shortly after last-call at most local bars. The man who called police told them a man got into his vehicle, believing he was an Uber driver and got agitated when he was told to exit the vehicle, kicking the car, causing damage.

Kyle Maring (MNPD)
Kyle Maring (MNPD)

Police located the man passed out on the sidewalk, where he ended up after he exited the vehicle. They were eventually able to wake the man, identified as Kyle Lewis Maring, but his words were unintelligible, according to an officer’s account of the incident. Nashville Fire responded, but Maring refused treatment at the scene. Due to the vandalism of the vehicle (a sizeable dent and shoe tread mark in the rear passenger quarter-panel), a physical arrest was made. While in the patrol car, Maring slammed his head against the window, and once at booking, he tried to pull away from officers and attempted to kick them as he was escorted into the Sally port.

Kyle Lewis Maring was charged with public intoxication, vandalism, and resisting arrest, and freed on pre-trial release after booking.

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