Metro Council candidate Matthew DelRossi charged with destroying neighbor’s camera with a pickaxe

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Matthew Delrossi remains jailed, unable to post a $2,500 bond after he was arrested Saturday, charged with throwing shovels, fishing poles, and a pickaxe to break a neighbor’s security camera. The entire event was recorded, along with a Facebook live rant prior to the event.

According to an arrest warrant, Matthew DelRossi, who is running for Metro Council in Nashville, was upset that his neighbor’s home (his sister) has a security system with a camera on the side of the house nearest him that can see into his backyard. As captured on video, at approximately 4 p.m. on Saturday, DelRossi was heard screaming his sister’s name from his backyard while looking up at the security camera. He then grabbed multiple objects from his shed and tossed them striking the camera, to include shovels, a fishing pole, a wooden stick, and finally a pickaxe. The security camera was broken off the mount and destroyed by DelRossi. Here is the video DelRossi posted to social media prior to the vandalism:

The neighbor, who is his sister, has an active order of protection against him from a March arrest which we covered. He is now charged with vandalism and violation of an order of protection. He remains jailed in lieu of a $2,500 bond. He also has a case pending before the Grand Jury.

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Matthew J. Del Rossi (MNPD)
Matthew J. Del Rossi (MNPD)

Shortly after the incident, DelRossi posted to social media: ” I don’t know what you are talking about. I wasn’t there when the cops showed up, but dude you can’t point a camera in your neighbors back yard”.. and continues ” it was pointed directly at my house, whatever happens on that camera is inadmissible evidence. I was not even there.”

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