Nashville wiretap nets 1/2 kilo of cocaine, 55K cash from Kevin Navarro drug organization

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The head of a local drug trafficking organization, Kevin Navarro, and multiple associates are now charged as a result of a joint investigation using wiretaps, interception of electronic communications, and numerous controlled purchases of cocaine. Here’s how MNPD took them down.

The Players that have currently been arrested or indicted as of today:

  • Kevin Navarro, 27, free on $50K bond
    conspiracy felony drug offense (cocaine o/300 gr)
  • Candy Navarro, 30, free on $50K bond
    conspiracy felony drug offense (cocaine o/300 gr)
  • Edwin Diaz-Dialmonte, 22, free on $50K bond
    conspiracy felony drug offense (cocaine o/300 gr)
  • Kedin Donaldo, 26, free on $50K bond
    conspiracy felony drug offense (cocaine o/300 gr)
  • Roberto Salas Sanchez, jailed in lieu of $100K bond
    conspiracy felony drug offense (cocaine o/300 gr)
  • Jose Amaro, 19, free on $15K bond
    possession w/intent (cocaine o/26 gr)
  • Daniella Ruiz, 27, free on $50K bond
    conspiracy felony drug offense (cocaine o/300 gr)
  • Milton Argueta-Pavon, immediate plea/convicted
    5 years probation for possession w/intent <.5 gr cocaine

Records show a joint investigation between MNPD, DEA, FBI, & the TBI has been ongoing into the Navarro drug trafficking organization since March of 2018. In March of 2019, a Davidson County Criminal Court Judge signed an order permitting investigators to intercept the wire and electronic communications of one of Kevin Navarro’s telephones, which provided information until this month, when most of the suspects were taken into custody, some as recently as Thursday.

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Over the course of the investigation, approximately 500 grams of cocaine (1/2 kilo) was seized from Navarro and his associates of the criminal enterprise, along with approximately $55,000 in U.S. currency, suspected to be processed from the narcotics operation.

Police took Jose Amaro into custody on June 4th, charging him with possession with intent for cocaine over 26 grams. The next day, June 5th, agents intercepted several calls between Navarro, Ruiz, and Dealmonte, during which Navarro instructed Ruiz to grab all of the narcotics and had them off to Dealmonte to stash them for Navarro. Records show agents believe this was due to Navarro learning of the arrest of Amaro that resulted in the seizure of 110 grams of cocaine and $32,518 in U.S. currency. Records further show that Ruiz packaged narcotics for redistribution for Navarro on a regular basis.

Kevin Navarro (MNPD)
Kevin Navarro (MNPD)
Accused head of the Navarro drug organization

From March of 2018 through February of 2019, agents performed numerous controlled purchases of cocaine from Navarro and his associates, totaling approximately 300 grams, and then began the communication intercepts in March of 2019, since when agents have seized an additional 200 grams of cocaine.

On April 25th, 2019, agents intercepted calls where they say Kevin Navarro instructed his sister, Candy Navarro, to contact their mother, Francisca Arellano, and instructed her to go to the bank and withdraw $10,000 for what they believed to be a narcotics transaction. A subsequent call was captured where Candy Navarro confirmed to Kevin Navarro that she sent Francisca, their mother, to the bank to withdraw the money. Agents say Candy Navarro served as a money launderer to the Navarro organization on a regular basis, utilizing bank accounts and safe deposit boxes to store the drug proceeds and purchase funds.

Candy Navarro (MNPD)
Candy Navarro (MNPD)
Accused money launderer for the Navarro drug organization

On May 8th, 2019, agents intercepted a series of phone calls between Navarro, Sanchez, and Argueta-Pavon. During these specific calls, Navarro instructed Sanchez to sell 3 ounces of cocaine to Argueta-Pavon. Agents then observed Argueta-Pavon arrive at Kevin’s tint shop and meet with Sanchez. A short time after that meeting, agents conducted a traffic stop and seized approximately 3 ounces of cocaine from Argueta-Pavon, who immediately took a plea deal and received a 5-year probated sentence.

On a March 16th call, agents intercepted a series of calls between Navarro, Sanchez, and Donaldo. During these calls, Navarro instructed Donaldo to give narcotics to Sanchez for redistribution and instructed Sanchez to go pick up the narcotics from Donaldo, who was storing the drugs for Navarro. Records show that Donaldo and Sanchez served as cocaine distributors for Navarro on a regular basis.

This is a developing story, which we will update as more information becomes available, or additional people are charged. Only time will tell if the Navarro drug organization is out of business for good, or just consider this a bump in the road and cost of doing business.

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