Passed out in a parking garage; too drunk for the ER

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Monica Hoffmeyer, from Cookeville, was found passed out in a downtown parking garage, and when medics took her to the hospital, she earned a disorderly conduct charge, in addition to public intoxication, after she caused a scene and tried to flee on foot.

Metro Nashville Police say Monica Hoffmeyer was found passed out from intoxication in a downtown parking garage in the early hours of Thursday morning. Metro Fire transported her to Centennial Medical Center, where once they arrived she suddenly became resistant and aggressive and attempted to flee the scene on foot before being evaluated. She was eventually brought into the hospital, where she continued to be disruptive, to include yelling at staff and MNPD Officer Morgan, who was working an extra-duty job at the hospital.

Monica Hoffmeyer (MNPD)
Monica Hoffmeyer (MNPD)

Hoffmeyer caused such a disturbance inside the emergency department, she was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Police say she was intoxicated to the point she was a danger to herself, due to her erratic behavior. She was booked, and is now free on pre-trial release.

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Editor’s note: Hoffmeyer is listed as ‘Hoftmeyer’ in some JIS systems, to include the DCSO.

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