Sally Beauty showdown: “B*tch I’ll cut your tires”

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Brittney Coggins is charged with assault and theft of property after she allegedly came into her former workplace, stole items, and threatened a store employee as she fled the Gallatin Pk Sally Beauty location.

According to arrest warrants, 28-year-old Brittney Coggins entered the Sally Beauty Supply store on May 19th, along with her child. Employees report she moved to the back of the store where she knew there was a ‘dead space’ in camera coverage, and removed items from the shelf and concealed them in her purse. As she began to exit the store, she was confronted by two employees to return the merchandise. Coggins is said to have then started to yell at them, calling one of them a ‘bitch’ and threaten to cute the tires on one of the employee’s vehicle, adding that “I know where you live”. Coggins then fled the location, and warrants were issued for her arrest.

Brittney Coggins (MNPD)
Brittney Coggins (MNPD)

Brittney Coggins was arrested on the warrants on June 10th, charging her with theft of property and assault. The items were valued at approximately $200. She is free on pre-trial release.

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