Woman has lover arrested for leaving morning ‘gift’ in her eye.

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A Nashville woman awoke to a surprise Saturday morning. She told police she opened her eyes at approximately 10 a.m. and noticed her intimate partner taking care of business in the bedroom closet. She says when he noticed she was awake, he walked over and gave her an unwanted gift that in a location only Lisa Lopes would appreciate.

The victim was at her apartment at The Gossett on Church Saturday morning when she says she was sleeping in her bedroom and began to wake up. As she was opening her eyes she realized her intimate partner, 25-year-old Christian Jamison McCrea, was masturbating in the bedroom closet. She told police that once he noticed she was waking up he walked over to her and ejaculated onto her face, and more specifically, into her left eye. She stated the action was extremely offensive, and they had not been recently engaging in any type of sexual activity for that to occur, as she was sleeping.

At 8:47 p.m., they two had been in a verbal altercation, during which a video recording shows Christian McCrea outside her apartment door, and the two are arguing. Suddenly, McCrea banged on the door so hard the door frame was cracked. Police charged McCrea with vandalism and domestic assault.

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Christian Jamison McCrea (MNPD)
Christian Jamison McCrea (MNPD)

McCrea is no stranger to Metro Police, or Scoop: Nashville. We covered McCrea in May in an #InstagramExclusive story detailing his arrest for disorderly conduct, cocaine possession, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and more, including outstanding warrants, after the police found cocaine in his pocket and he told them “it’s not mine – it was going to give it to a friend” (that’s a correct quote). Christian McCrea later called us to give us his side of the story, that he was a medical student working to become a doctor and had no idea what these charges were about, and someone must have drugged him. However, that’s just the beginning of the story.

McCrea is now named as the missing suspect in this case of a man being brutally beaten in Bellevue after getting a ride from someone he knew from Snapchat, for which he is now charged with robbery.

McCrea is also charged with 2 crimes from April. On April 16th, police say he attempted to cash a stolen check for $7,000 at a bank on Union Street downtown. On April 23rd, Metro police say he assaulted a woman at his apartment in The Gossett on Church (different than the above victim). She was able to initially defend herself by striking him with a liquor bottle, but then he continued attacking her. He is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on that case.

In total, Christian Jamison McCrea is jailed on 11 charges, in lieu of $62,000 bond.

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