Booster arrested after fleeing 2 Target stores in a row with merchandise

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Nashville booster Davion Pettis was taken into custody Thursday, charged with back to back thefts from West Nashville Target stores.

Though Davion Pettis was just taken into custody this week, the warrants for his arrest, charging him with theft, were signed in January. According to court records, a watchful Target loss prevention agent was crucial to the prosecution, as she predicted his next move.

In December, Pettis was observed on video entering the Target store on White Bridge Road as he selected several items and placed them in a backpack. The loss prevention agent attempted to detain Pettis as he passed all registers, but she was unable to stop him from fleeing the store.

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Davion Pettis (MNPD)
Davion Pettis (MNPD)

On a hunch that Pettis would likely go to the nearby Target on Charlotte Pike next, the loss prevention traveled to that store and contacted them to let them know about the incident. Once at the store, Pettis was located, but not before he got a reusable bag from a shelf and filled it with clothing. The Charlotte Pike merchandise was valued at $146, and the White Bridge Road merchandise was valued at $266.89

Davion Pettis was booked on two counts of theft under $1,000 on July 18th, and freed on pre-trial release.

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