Councilman Jonathan Hall refuses to disclose campaign donors or how he spent thousands of dollars, in violation of state law

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State law is clear – when you run for an office you must disclose who contributes money to your campaign and categorize how you spend those dollars. Jonathan Hall, running for Metro Council D1, has $7,050 in contributions from individuals he refuses to disclose the identity of and over $11,000 in cash/misc purchases he refuses to say what they were for.

Metro Councilman Jonathan Hall, who has also refused to file a required appointment of a campaign treasurer (also required by state law) has a campaign in a legal and accounting nightmare. On July 16th Hall filed his required financial disclosure, however, he didn’t actually disclose anything. Donations are required to be identified by who gave the money, yet despite both is official documents and repeated requests for clarification, Hall is silent on the issue. See the filings below:

In addition to not specifying where the money came from, he has also declined to specify where he spent over $11,000 of it, simply putting ‘cash withdrawals/misc purchases’ – in direct violation of state law that requires specific categorization, at the least.

While Hall lacked in most documentation, he was specific on one line item expense: $472.97 in bank overdrafts/fees – a clear indication that he should have appointed a treasurer, as required by law. Hall has refused to respond to repeated requests for comment via phone, email, or text.

A full copy of his filed disclosure is available here.

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