High on meth, man found in bushes brushing his teeth #WestNashville

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Metro Police came into contact with Ian Hargis, 22, at a West Nashville Residence where he banged on the front door before retreating to the bushes in the backyard to brush his teeth, high on methamphetamine. Toothpaste remained on his mouth throughout booking.

Metro Nashville Police responded to 37th Ave near Sylvan Park Friday, in response to a call of a male banging on the door of a residence. The resident updated the complaint to indicate the male had retreated to the backyard and was in the bushes brushing his teeth.

Ian Hargis (MNPD)
Ian Hargis (MNPD)

Upon contact, police say the man initially identified himself as Spencer Hargis, but it was obvious using NCIC records that he was not the correct individual. Inside his bag, they would eventually find his true identification card, along with methamphetamine, small baggies, and plastic straws.

Hargis told police he did not know he was in West Nashville, or why he was at the location, but they say he was clearly under the influence of a drug. He was booked into the Metro Jail, where he remains on a $6,500 bond, charged with public intoxication, drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine possession, and criminal impersonation.

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