If you’re going to sext someone other than your girlfriend, then get blackout drunk, please remember to lock your phone.

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Quincy Devon Jones, 36, is charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated domestic strangulation after he reportedly sexted another woman while on vacation in Nashville with his girlfriend. He was so intoxicated she had to help him back to the hotel room, which is when she saw the messaged on his phone while tucking him in bed.

“He was in various states of undress, and beating her to a pulp” is how one witness described the incident that happened in the early hours of Saturday morning at a Marriott hotel on 5th Ave. S. in downtown Nashville. Another witness took the victim into their room to wait for the police to arrive and protect her from being further injured.

Military Sgt. Quincy Devon Jones was vacationing with his girlfriend in Nashville this weekend, and while on Broadway, he reportedly became intoxicated to the point he was unable to walk on his own, so his girlfriend has to assist him back to their hotel room. She got him into the room and was tucking him into the bed when she reportedly found messages between him and another female on his phone of a very sexual nature, including images he had sent. The girlfriend packed her things and told him she was leaving.

Quincy Devon Jones (MNPD)
Quincy Devon Jones (MNPD)

Upon hearing she was leaving him and the hotel, Metro Police say Jones became ‘enraged’ and began to attack the victim, taking her to the ground and placing his forearm on her throat, preventing her from leaving the room, despite her best attempts at escaping the situation. The pair struggled some more, and eventually, she remained still so Jones would calm down, at which time he climbed off her.

The victim was then able to collect her things and leave the room, however, Jones reportedly followed her out of the room, and attached her again, while he was in various states of undress in the hotel hallway between the room and the elevator. Jones reportedly smashed the victim’s face into the wall several times as she was pushing the elevator call button, again preventing her from leaving the area. This got the attention of several witnesses from the nearby rooms, who all opened their doors to the screams of help coming from the victim, who was taken into safety by one of the witnesses.

Metro Police arrived to find a very injured victim and Quincy Jones who stated “nothing happened” when questioned. Police were able to gather statements from the victim and the neighboring witnesses and took Jones into custody. En route to booking, police say Jones told them the last thing he remembered was being on Broadway and no recollection of anything since. He was booked into the Metro jail, charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault/strangulation. He is free on a $50,000 bond.

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