Mother punches daughter in face until she’s bloody for not bringing her food

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Metro Nashville Police charged Kellie Canfield, 46, with domestic assault after they say she beat her daughter bloody when she arrived at her home with food only for herself, and not for anyone else at the residence.

Per an arrest warrant, Kellie Canfield’s daughter arrived at her North Nashville residence at approximately 1 a.m. Monday morning. The victim states that upon arrival, her mother became angry because she had food for herself, but not anyone else at the residence. As the victim (daughter) was leaving with her 12-year-old son, Kellie Canfield is alleged to have struck the victim continuously in the face until she was bleeding. The victim yelled for her mother to stop hitting her, and eventually pushed her mother backward, onto the floor, so she could leave the residence with her son. As she made it to her vehicle for safety, Kellie Canfield was reportedly standing on the front porch cursing and screaming about calling the police. The police arrived, and observed the victim’s injuries, and took Kellie Canfield into custody.

Kellie Canfield (MNPD)
Kellie Canfield (MNPD)

Canfield is charged with domestic assault and is free on a $2,500 bond after being booked into the Metro Jail and serving the required 12-hour domestic violence hold.

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