Nashville Fire EMT charged with strangling wife after drinking all day, flipping table, police say.

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Metro Police say Nashville Fire EMT Robert ‘Cody’ Romero flipped a coffee table, struck his wife in the head twice, and wrapped his hands around her neck and strangled her for 5-7 seconds after drinking throughout the day. He is charged with aggravated assault/strangulation, free on bond, and assigned to ‘alternate duty’.

Metro Police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on June 30th, where Fire Department EMT Robert ‘Cody’ Romero was arrested. Romero’s wife (victim) explained that Romero had been drinking throughout the day and became upset at her. She told police he first threw a water bottle at a wall, then flipped over a coffee table. When she began to take photos of the damage caused by the coffee table, she says he became furious and pushed her, so she backed away into the kitchen.

Robert Cody Romero (MNPD)
Robert Cody Romero (MNPD)

According to an arrest warrant, Romero then approached his wife aggressively and struck her in the face. She began to gather her things from the bathroom to leave the home for the night with the children, at which time Romero reportedly entered the bathroom and wrapped his hands around her neck from the right side, and began to squeeze for approximately 5-7 seconds, causing the victim to have difficulty breathing.

Once he released her throat, he reportedly apologized to the victim, at which time she gathered some belongings, and the children, and made her way to the door. As she was walking with the children, she says Romero struck her again on the right side of her head with a closed fist, causing swelling and redness. She was dazed, but able to escape the residence.

Romero was taken into custody and charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation and posted a $10,000 bond on July 1st. Nashville Fire Department spokesperson Joseph Pleasant said in a statement:

“We are aware of the charges against EMT Robert Romero. He is assigned to alternate duty pending an internal investigation.  As part of our Civil Service process we will not be able to make a statement on his compliance or failure to comply with any of our OPGs because that could hamper further disciplinary procedures if warranted. The arrest of EMT Romero should not reflect on the other more than 1,200 personnel who serve the residents and visitors of Nashville 24/7/365 with pride.”

-Joseph Pleasant, Nashville Fire Dept.

In 2014, Romero was charged with DUI & violation of the implied consent law. In a plea deal, the implied consent charge was retired, and the DUI was reduced to reckless endangerment. He was sentenced to probation, a $350 fine, and required to write a letter of apology to the arresting officer.
Romero is an EMT II with the Nashville Fire Department, earning a $53,221 annual base salary.

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