Pregnant woman strikes baby daddy in head with pan while he assaults her, police say

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“I could never have done this, I would never hit a woman” – those are the words Metro Police say came from the mouth of Hunter Murphy, 18. During the time he has no memory of, police say he attacked and strangled his pregnant girlfriend, and she struck him in the head with a frying pan to escape his grasp.

The defendant, Hunter Murphy, is the boyfriend of the victim, who is 2-months pregnant with their child. According to a statement from the victim, Hunter Murphy, 18, was drinking with a friend on Sunday afternoon when he got upset at him and struck him in the face with a closed fist. She yelled at the Murphy to stop and told him to get out of the house. T Murphy then came at her and the friend fled the room.

She tells police Murphy got behind her held her down, and placed her in a chokehold by wrapping his right arm around her neck. Her breathing was obstructed for several seconds and she says she was afraid she was going to pass out, although she did not. She then grabbed a pan and struck him in the head with it by moving it over and behind her own head. He was pulling at her clothes as well but she managed to break free and fled to her brother’s room, which she locked.

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Hunter Murphy (MNPD)
Hunter Murphy (MNPD)

The victim was able to keep away from Murphy until the police arrived. Once on scene, police observed and took pictures of several minor scratches on the victim indicative of a fight, in addition to her disheveled clothing. Police note she had no injuries particularly indicating strangulation aside from a small scratch on the left side- of her neck. The house, however, was a state of significant disarray consistent with a struggle such as that described by the victim.

Hunter Murphy told police he had no memory of what happened. He further stated that he does not believe he could have done this because he would never hit a woman. TMurohy had minor scratches consistent with a struggle. He also smelled of alcohol and displayed repetitive and disoriented speech patterns consistent with intoxication, according to a report. The defendant admitted to consuming alcohol during an interview.

Murphy was determined to be the primary aggressor and was booked into the Metro Jail on charges of consumption of alcohol under the age of 21, and felony aggravated assault/strangulation. His bond was set at $11,000.00. It was not immediately known if this was the first time Murphy had consumed alcohol.

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