Woman calls 911, claims she was kidnapped, after being kicked out of Alley Pub

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39-year-old Christy Baker was kicked out of Alley Pub this weekend, at which time police say she called 911 and told the operator she had been robbed in their parking lot and was being kidnapped, held in a vehicle with the doors locked. 6 vehicles, flex teams, and a K-9 unit all responded.

Late Friday night, Metro’s Emergency Communication Center received a call from a female stating she had been robbed and the suspect was running away. Moments later she called 911 a 2nd time to say she was now locked inside of a vehicle in the parking lot of Alley Pub in Bellevue. In response, 6 MNPD Patrol cars and flex vehicles responded to the scene code 3 through traffic, along with a K-9 unit, to the developing (and escalating) incident.

Christy Baker (MNPD)
Christy Baker (MNPD)

Upon arrival, patrons inside the bar stated that a female, Christy Baker, had just been kicked out of the bar for being too intoxicated. Baker was located nearby but stated she had never called the police and had no issues requiring police assistance. Dispatched returned the phone call of the caller, and the phone in Baker’s hand began to ring in the officer’s presence.

It was quickly established that Baker made the phone calls, there was no emergency other than she was intoxicated and kicked out of the Alley Pub. Baker was charged with public intoxication, making a false report, and making non-emergency 911 calls. She is free on a $10,200 bond.

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