56-year-old man arrested for throwing rocks at neighbor’s windows

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Michael Scott Heldman is charged with harassment after he was caught on camera throwing rocks at his neighbor’s property, which has been on going problem, the neighbor reports.

Wingate Avenue in South Nashville has had its share of drama in the past month. A woman’s car was vandalized twice since late July in the normally quiet neighborhood. She believed her neighbor, 56-year-old Michael Scott Heldman, to be responsible for the harassment, but was unable to initially prove it. Then on August 21, her security camera showed Scott throwing rocks at her windows and directly at the security camera. She reports this is an ongoing issue and feels the harassment won’t stop.

Michael Heldman (MNPD)
Michael Heldman (MNPD)

Michael Scott Heldman was arrested and charged with harassment on August 29th, and given pre-trial release. He is scheduled to appear in court in late September.

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