Cocaine: After sex twice in same night, woman threatens to kill lover with large knife & more…

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Kiana Bennett is free on a $28,500 bond after Metro Police say she grabbed a large Chef’s knife and threatened to kill her lover and herself early Monday morning. She then went to her sister’s house and smashed out the front window of her home with a piece of metal.

Metro Police received multiple calls for service, at multiple locations, due to the actions of Kiana Bennett earlier this week. According to statements from her lover, and details from several arrest warrants, the night began with her and her lover of 7 years having sex for the second time that night. According to an affidavit, during the second round, during which she was high on cocaine and alcohol according to her lover’s statement, she became frustrated during sex and the two began to argue. The sex stopped and she asked him to leave.

Kiana Bennett (MNPD)
Kiana Bennett (MNPD)

As he was getting dressed, her lover says she punched him and grabbed his car keys, and a scuffle broke out over the keys. He ended up with injuries to his wrists and forearms, and once the keys were back in his possession, she reportedly grabbed a large chef’s knife and said “I’m not afraid to die today”, and “I’ll kill you”, and made additional threats to take both of their lives while the knife was pointed at him. He eventually was able to disarm of her of knife and fled the scene to a convenience store at 1401 Charlotte, where he met police at 3:10 a.m.

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For Kiana Bennett, her night was just beginning though, as police responded to another call for service at 3:20 a.m., this time at her sister’s house, just a few doors down from the previous incident. Officers responded to yet another domestic disturbance call there, to find she had showed up telling her sister she had been in a fight with her lover. Her sister agreed to let her sleep on the couch in the living room, however a short time later Kiana woke up and began arguing with her sister, at which time she was told she had to leave. On her way out the door she grabbed a piece of metal and smashed out the front window of the home.

In the end, Kiana Bennett was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, domestic assault, and vandalism. She posted a $28,5000 bond after being booked into the Metro Jail.

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