Nashville Sheriff’s Officer found blacked out drunk in running car with handgun

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Officer Hector Miguel Barragan, of the Nashville Sheriff’s Department, was found ‘asleep’ in North Nashville, blocking a driveway with this car, his door wide open, and his department issued handgun on the floor board, while heavily intoxicated, per MNPD.

Metro Nashville Police Officer Bingham responded to a call at 1093 1st Ave N in the late hours of August 15th, to a report of a man asleep in a running car, blocking a driveway, that appeared intoxicated. As Officer Bingham approached the vehicle the driver, identified as DCSO Officer Hector Barragan, had difficulty with his door, and allowed his vehicle to roll backwards, nearly striking the MNPD patrol car now parked behind him.

Hector Barragan (MNPD)
Hector Barragan (MNPD)

MNPD Officer Bradley Nave was called to the scene to conduct a DUI investigation, and reports a strong smell of alcohol coming from Officer Barragan, along with bloodshot and water eyes. Barragan reportedly had trouble standing steady and had slurred speech. Barragan told officers he could not remember how much alcohol he consumed, and showed multiple indicators of impairment on SFST’s. Inside Barragan’s vehicle, a loaded Glock handgun was found on the driver’s side floor board. Officer Barragan refused to submit to a breath test, however Officer was granted a search warrant for his blood at night court, which was served at Nashville General.

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Hector Barragan (DCSO Employee Photo)
Hector Barragan (DCSO Employee Photo)

Hector Miguel Barragan, 42, was booked into the Metro Jail, charged with possession of a weapon while under the influence, implied consent, driving under the influence (DUI), and having an open container violation, and was given pre-trial release.

A representative for Sheriff Daron Hall told Scoop: Nashville that Officer Barragan has been placed on a non-weapon-carrying administrative assignment pending the outcome of his criminal case, and any department discipline would be determined upon the outcome of that case.

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