Nashville waitress steals $3K from Applebee’s in 3 months, police say

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NASHVILLE, TN – Berry Hill Police (who actually made an arrest!) say Dominique Perkins took home over $3,000 from cash customers at the Applebee’s she was a waitress at, ringing out the orders at ‘Amazon Eats’ and pocketing the cash.

Berry Hill Police Corporal  Anthony Russo arrested 22-year-old Dominique Perkins last week, charging her with felony theft after Applebee’s presented receipts for $3,026.97 over the previous 90 days, for which Perkins took cash from the customer, kept it, and closed the ticket out as ‘Amazon Eats’, so the business was getting no money for the transactions.

Dominique Perkins (MNPD)
Dominique Perkins (MNPD)

In 2018, the Davidson County DA agreed to a ‘no conviction / deferred judgment’ for Dominique Perkins on a previous felony theft arrest. In that case, she was an employee at the Target store at 2050 Gallatin Pike and rang up fake returns to keep the cash, putting the money on gift cards to spend. Target says she stole $2,882.48 in that case.

Dominique Perkins was booked on a felony theft charge and is free on a $3,000 bond. – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

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