Teen arrested at ice cream shop, high and with a backpack of marijuana

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Cooper Knestrick was located in a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop after complaints of a man believed to be high on something were called into Brentwood Police.

Brentwood Police responded to the Franklin Road store and made contact with the man, identified as 18-year-old Cooper Allen Knestrick, and note there was a “strong odor of marijuana where he was standing”. His eyes were described as ‘bloodshot’, bystanders described him as ‘intoxicated’, and police say he told them he had been smoking marijuana. Sources familiar with the incident report he was also high on Xanax at the time of his arrest.

Photo courtesy: Baskin-Robbins

When asked, Brentwood Police say Knestrick told them he had “a fair amount of marijuana” in his backpack, and gave them consent to retrieve it. Inside the backpack, police located 3 individual bags of marijuana, weighing in at 20 grams, 8.8 grams, and 19.6 grams. Also in the backpack was a grinder, scales, and $202 in cash. Police say Knestrick further explained to them he was homeless, jobless, and that someone from Nashville had fronted him the marijuana to sell to make money.

Cooper Knestrick (WCSO)
Cooper Knestrick (WCSO)

Cooper Allen Knestrick is charged with felony distribution of marijuana (.5 oz – 10 lbs), a Class E Felony, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class A Misdemeanor. He was booked into the Williamson County Jail, and later released on a $8,000 bond.

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