‘Twitchy’ man says ‘must be something in the water’, then admits it was meth

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When confronted about his bizarre and ‘twitchy’ behavior outside a West Nashville shell station he told police it “must have been something in the water”. He then told officers it was methamphetamine.

Metro Nashville Police responded to 6012 Charlotte Pike at early Tuesday morning in reference to a man yelling and cursing, making customers uncomfortable. Upon contact with the man, identified as 29-year-old Blaine A. Laba, was described as ‘twitchy’ and unable to form full sentences. When asked what was wrong he stated there must have been something in the water. When asked if he had perhaps taken drugs, he stated he had indeed taken methamphetamine.

Blaine Laba (MNPD)
Blaine Laba (MNPD)

Officers determined he was unable to care for himself and was placed under arrested, charged with public intoxication.

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