VIDEO: Nashville Rapper 100ktucc’s little brother causing havoc in Streets of Nashville w/gun

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Twice in two days the little brother of Nashville rapper ‘100ktucc‘, Leoski has brandished a loaded weapon at someone in Nashville who he says disrespected him or his ‘crew’ and threatened to leave them on the concrete, dead. One of the victims was local rapper Chief True (IG: Chief2Blunts).

Each incident was recorded and posted to his Instagram account, open to the public. The most recent was two days ago when Leoski (who goes by ‘Leo’, but the MNPD uses his full name of Linell Jeanette Laster-Church) encountered Chief True (IG: Chief2Blunts) at a Mapco. Chief True was armed as well, but refused to brandish due to a security camera at the location. Each revealed more about the incident on their Instagram shortly after the incident – Chief True downplayed the entire incident, while Leo doubled down on his treat to take Leo out, while at the same time saying he respected his music.

Chief True had a song named one of Nashville’s best by What’s Sleep? TV earlier this year. When reached for comment, 100ktucc told Scoop: Nashville that what his brother posted “wasn’t needed for the media” to see, but will “back him up over anything” since it’s his actual brother. When Chief True was reached for comment early Monday, he asked us to “do a story on this dicc, nicca” and declined further comment. Leo asked us to “let this go” and to not share his actions publicly.

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Three days ago his younger brother, who goes by ‘Leo’ encountered a man outside an apartment complex he felt had disrespected him, and make him say “I’m a bitch” on camera while brandishing a handgun and threatening to empty it and leave him on the concrete. (video below).

‘Leo’ has a prior weapons charge from 2017, when he was found guilty of illegal possession of a weapon and was sentenced to 10 days in jail after Metro police found him in possession of a handgun after a dispute with a person on Fawnwood Ct. At the time, he told police the gun belonged to his mother. He was 18 at the time, and was not permitted to be in possession of a handgun.

Linell Laster Church (MNPD)
Linell Laster-Church (MNPD)

As of the time of publication, no police report had been filed for either incident.

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