Woman calls 911 to complain about previous call for service, police say. #Arrested

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There is no Yelp! for MNPD responses, so when Christina Nuchols Byers was unhappy with the outcome of a previous call for service Metro Police say she called 911 to complain. She was arrested and charged with making a non-emergency 911 call.

Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Dupont Drive on August 21st, and upon arrival spoke to the complainant, Christina Byers. She stated that she wanted her husband to leave the residence, and that was the only reason she needed police assistance.

Christina (Nuchols) Byers (MNPD)
Christina (Nuchols) Byers (MNPD)

Police say her husband was willing to leave the residence and did so willingly. After he left, the warrant details that Christina Byers called 911 because she was “apparently upset with the outcome of the original call for service”. Metro Police say she was in a “highly intoxicated state” and charged her with non-emergency use of the 911 system, and transported her to booking. She is currently free on pre-trial release. She is scheduled to appear in court in September.

Christina Michelle Nuchols Byers has a criminal history in Davidson County going back to 1997, including being found guilty of forgery over $1,000 (with a note that feds retained an option to prosecute on some mail fraud charges), probation violations, and a robbery charge plead down to theft.

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