Callen Williams (Chief True) Surrenders after fleeing Metro Police

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19-year-old Callen Williams, aka Chief True (IG: Chief2Blunts), surrendered to authorities Monday after fleeing from Metro Police in a Ford Fusion with no front bumper on Thursday in Hermitage.

Metro Nashville police were conducting surveillance on Thursday just before 2 p.m. in the area of Central Pike and Tulip Grove Rd, when they noticed Callen Williams exit the Burning Tree Apartments with no front bumper and no visible tag on the silver Ford Fusion he was driving. Shortly after, Officer McCarron, who was conducting surveillance at Hermitage Manor while wearing his full uniform, noticed the same Ford Fusion parked outside of a building at the complex and attempted to make a casual encounter when Williams approached the vehicle.

Callen avoided the officer and immediately jumped into the driver’s seat of the vehicle and fled the area, still with no visible tab, and a brake light out. While fleeing, with the officer directly behind him, Williams crossed a double-yellow line, into oncoming traffic, nearly causing a collision. Due to the risk to the public, and the officers knowing the identity of Callen Willaims, they did not pursue the vehicle, and instead took out warrants on Williams. Williams was previously featured on Scoop: Nashville as the victim of an incident with 100K Tucc’s brother, Leo, who threatened his life with a gun at a local Mapco.

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Callen Williams (MNPD)
Callen Williams (MNPD)

Callen Williams, 19, turned himself in on Monday and was booked on the charges of reckless driving, driving with no license, and felony evading arrest in a motor vehicle. He is free on a $7,000 bond, with an October court date.

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  1. […] has previously been featured on Scoop: Nashville when he surrendered after fleeing from police in a chase and in a video when he was confronted by rapper 100KTucc’s younger […]

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