Clubhouse Bar: Man can’t afford 2 beers after fake $100 bill is caught- #ARRESTED

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When 26-year-old Dylan Myles went to the Clubhouse Bar in Madison Wednesday night with a fake $100 bill, he thought his plans were set. All that changed when the bartender caught the funny money, and he was arrested for the theft of the 2 beers he had no other way to pay for. – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Clubhouse Bar on Gleaves St for the report of the counterfeit money and confirmed it was indeed fake money. After speaking with Dylan Myles and determining he had no other cash, coins, or credit methods to pay for the two beers he had consumed, he was placed into custody for theft of merchandise under $1,000.

Dylan Terrell Myles (MNPD)
Dylan Terrell Myles (MNPD)

Dylan Terrell Myles was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on September 26th and charged the theft of merchandise (2 beers). The Secret Service was notified about the counterfeit money. Sumner County has a hold on Myles’ release, to be transferred there so he can face additional pending charges in their jurisdiction. His previous Nashville arrests include charges of weapons under the influence, DUI, DUI 2nd, public intoxication, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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