DUI: Man who couldn’t stand demands breathalyzer, blows .174 despite ‘not intoxicated’ claims

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Andrew ‘A.J.’ Stribling took out a fence, plowed through a yard, and went into a tree. Field sobriety tests had to be stopped for his own safety. He was then adamant about taking a breath test, as he was ‘not intoxicated’. Metro obliged, he blew a 0.174 BAC.

Metro Police responded to a single-vehicle crash just after 11 p.m. Friday night, in which the driver, Andrew ‘A.J.’ Stribling, took out a fence, plowed through a yard, and went into a tree. Police report he appeared intoxicated upon initial contact. He nearly fell down while walking to perform the standard field sobriety fields. While attempting the one-leg stand had to be terminated as he was unable to stand upright, and the officer was afraid he was going to injure himself from falling.

Andrew 'A.J.' Stribling (MNPD)
Andrew ‘A.J.’ Stribling (MNPD)

Stribling admitted to drinking a few vodka & sodas with friends prior to the accident but was adamant that he was not intoxicated and wanted to consent to breath test. The officer complied with the request, and Stribling blew a 0.174 BAC. He was booked into custody, charged with DUI, and freed on the pre-trial release program.

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