Former employee charged as co-defendant in theft of woman’s bag and credit cards at Family Dollar

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In February we told you about Tyshawn Garrett, who was charged stole a lady’s credit cards at a Family Dollar Store and used them. On Wednesday, his accomplice, Kerry Hardiman, was taken into custody and charged as his co-defendant and accomplice.

According to arrest reports, detectives took a report of a stolen debit card at the Family Dollar on Shelby Avenue last May. The victim dropped her bag on her way out the door, and the debit card fell on the sidewalk, unknown to her. She returned to the store to notify management, in hopes it was caught on video, and it was. The investigation showed a man picked up the bag, accompanied by a co-defendant, now identified as 23-year-old Kerry Hardiman, and fled the area. The store manager immediately recognized the first man the video who picked up the debit card as 19-year-old Tyshawn Garrett. He told police Garrett has previously applied to work there, and retrieved his application which showed his name, address, date of birth, and all other identifying information. He was charged in February. Hardiman was a former employee who was fired days prior to the theft.

Nearby MDHA cameras were able to follow Garrett and his co-defendant back to an apartment in James Cayce Homes, which also matched the timing of when the card was used to make online purchases. In addition to his previous aggravated robbery & evading arrest charges, for which he was already being held in jail when he was charged. Hardiman was booked on September 11th, and charged with theft. He is free on a $2,000 bond.

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