Man admits to siphoning gas, calls victim to apologize during arrest

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41-year-old Joseph ‘Delaney’ Spain finds himself jailed for the second time in two months for siphoning gasoline. During his arrest Wednesday, he called the victim to confess to his crime and apologize. He still went to jail, where he remains held in lieu of a $9,500 bond.

A Joelton man, identified as local 41-year-old Joseph ‘Delaney’ Spain, was noticed at Willaims cabinet shop on Tuesday night at approximately 7 p.m. parked next to a company vehicle, where he was alleged to have drilled into the gas cap area and siphoned gas from the tank. He fled the area before police arrived.

The following day at 4:30 p.m., police say the family related to the business contacted them to report that Delaney was driving on Whites Creek Pike near Bear Hollow Road if they wanted to take him into custody. An officer was dispatched and confirmed that Delaney was driving on a suspended license, and located him driving a vehicle at 4:50 p.m. as he pulled over in front of 3615 Bear Hollow Road. He volunteered to police he was just driving around looking for a friend in the area, but later also admitted to the officer he had siphoned gas from the victim’s vehicle at Williams Cabinet Shop the night before. During the arrest, Delany called Mr. Williams on speakerphone in front of the officer and apologized to him for steaking the gas from the vehicle.

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Joseph Delaney Spain II (MNPD)
Joseph Delaney Spain II (MNPD)

Joseph ‘Delaney’ Spain was booked into custody, charged with theft of property, vandalism, and driving on a suspended license. He is currently held in the Metro Jail in lieu of a $9,500 bond. At this time of his arrest, Spain was released from jail while awaiting trial for siphoning gas from a family member in August.

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