MNPD Officer charged with assaulting citizens that thought she was kidnapping her girlfriend

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MNPD North Precinct Officer Myriah Iles [fb] is charged with aggravated assault after an off-duty altercation downtown Saturday night, where citizens thought she was taking her girlfriend, who she had slung over her shoulder, against her will. She is accused of punching a victim in the face until she lost consciousness.

The victim reported that she and a female friend saw Iles grab a woman (who turned out to be Iles’ girlfriend) by the throat and then place that woman over her shoulder.  Concerned that Iles was taking the woman against her will, the two confronted Iles. They reported that Iles put the woman down and then pushed the victim’s friend to the ground.  According to witnesses, when the victim went to assist her friend, Iles punched that person multiple times in the face.  The victim sustained a broken nose and lost consciousness. She was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment and released.

Myriah Iles (MNPD)
Myriah Iles (MNPD)

When officers arrived, two men were restraining Iles [TW].  She was taken into custody.  Iles reported that the woman that she was carrying was her girlfriend who was intoxicated and did not feel well.  She said that she was confronted by two men and two women who made racial slurs and demanded that she put her girlfriend down. Iles reported that she pushed one of the men and swung her fist once, but did not make contact with anyone.  She denies putting her hands on her girlfriend’s throat. Iles was treated for minor injuries. Domestic Violence detectives also responded.  After interviews with both Iles and her girlfriend, no charges were placed in regard to domestic violence.  That aspect of the case will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office.

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Myriah Iles [IG], 27, joined the police department in 2015.  She has been decommissioned. According to jail records, she was not booked into custody at the jail until 08:42 a.m. Sunday morning. Her bond is set at $10,000 and has been posted by Free At Last Bonding.

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