Stiletto Stabbing: Nashville woman charged with stabbing boyfriend with shoe

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19-year-old Stachiana Lewis was arrested Monday on an outstanding warrant charging her with attacking her boyfriend and stabbing him in the face with a silver high heeled shoe. The boyfriend screamed for someone to call an ambulance as Lewis fled the bloody scene.

Stachiana Destiny Lewis was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Monday, charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after police say she stabbed her boyfriend in with a high heeled show in November.

Metro Police responded to the Strouse Ave home on November 6th, where her boyfriend, Xavier Williams, had been living with his girlfriend and her family for approximately two weeks at the time. Witnesses say an argument had been ongoing throughout the day but turned violent when Stachiana began yelling and cursing at her mother, and her boyfriend told her to stop swearing at her mother. The admonition from her boyfriend only further angered Stachiana, and she yelled to her boyfriend: “Shut up before I stab your ass!”.

Stachiana Lewis (MNPD)
Stachiana Lewis (MNPD)

Xavier Williams then laughed at the situation, and Stachiana then reportedly got in his face, with the yelling continuing, and he pushed her away. Police say she then attacked her boyfriend, the two fought and wrestled around, and Stachiana grabbed a silver high heeld shoe and stabbed her boyfriend in the forehead with the show. He shouted to the witnesses to call an ambulance, and Stachiana fled the scene on foot. Police photographed the bloody residence and injuries of Mr. Williams. Stachiana is free on a $2,000 cash bond.

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