18-year-old slashes girlfriend’s tires when kicked out of her vehicle, police say.

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18-year-old Adonis Ellis is charged with domestic assault & vandalism after police say he was riding with his girlfriend, she kicked him out of the vehicle, and he then slashed all four tires, broke all outside mirrors, smacked her in the face twice, and hit her with a jacket.

Officers were dispatched to Cowan Street in reference to Adonis Ellis fighting with his girlfriend, Cara Jenkins. Cara stated that she and Adonis were having a verbal argument when Adonis grabbed a knife out of her glovebox. She pulled over and had Adonis get out of the vehicle.

Adonis Ellis (MNPD)
Adonis Ellis (MNPD)

According to an arrest warrant, Adonis then slashed all four of Cara’s tires, broke off the side mirrors, and scratched the vehicle all the way around with the knife. Cara attempted to stop Adonis but he smacked her in the face twice and hit her with his jacket. Adonis then took off on foot and officers located him a short distance away in possession of the knife and a bb gun.

Adonis Ellis was charged with domestic assault with offensive/ provocative behavior and vandalism under $2500.00 and his bond was set at $5000. The vandalism charge was retired two days before Christmas, and he was released on probation, pending trial for the domestic assault charge.

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