Brother arrested in Broadway Brawl – Margaritaville

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Chad Laborde, 29, was charged with domestic assault after police say he got intoxicated, was kicked out of Margaritaville in downtown Nashville, then ‘charged’ his brother, wrapping his arms around him in an attempt to pull him to the ground. Laborde is charged with domestic assault.

Chad Labore was extremely intoxicated and had been asked to leave a bar on Broadway. Chad then became aggressive toward his brother Colin and staff members of the bar when he tried to reenter. Colin tried to calm Chad and suggested getting a cab or an Uber so they could leave.

Chad Laborde (MNPD)
Chad Laborde (MNPD)

This made Chad even more aggressive and he turned his anger toward Colin, per the police report. Witnesses, along with Colin, stated that Chad then charged at Colin and wrapped his arms around him trying to pull him to the ground as if to wrestle him. Colin and other witnesses were able to subdue Chad and place him on the sidewalk where he was held until police and medics arrived.

Chad Laborde was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with domestic assault. He was later released on a $1500 cash bond.

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