Man jailed for the past week for inability to pay $126 bar tab at Kid Rock’s bar

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33-year-old Jeremiah Plum was arrested by Metro Police on the charges of public intoxication and theft of services at Kid Rock Bar in Nashville on Sunday when he found himself unable to pay for his bar tab. – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

Police were called to Kid Rock Bar on Sunday night after Jeremiah Plum attempted to pay his $126 bar tab., but all of his cards were repeatedly declined and he was unable to provide payment for services received. Plum was unsteady in his feet and smelled strongly of alcohol.  He was ineligible for citation as he was visibly intoxicated and slurring his words.  He was transported to booking. 

Jeremiah Plum (MNPD)
Jeremiah Plum (MNPD)

Jeremiah Plum was charged with public intoxication and theft of services. He is currently being held in lieu of a $1,100.00 bond. This is his first Nashville arrest.

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