Nashville Firefighter accused of having sex with 15-year-old; Judge seals psychosexual evaluation, citing embarrassment.

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A judge has ordered a psychosexual evaluation of Nashville firefighter Benjamin Seth Powers to be sealed, citing it to be too embarrassing for public consumption. Related court documents detail a female who says Powers began a sustained sexual relationship with her when she was 15 and continued as he snuck her into a fire hall for frequent rendezvous while on-duty.

A spokesperson for Metro Nashville Fire confirms that Firefighter Benjamin Seth Powers is “currently employed and there has not been a recent change in his status”, despite a flurry of court documents recently filed detailing allegations of him fathering a child with his cousin, having a sustained sexual relationship with a 15-year-old while forcing her into anal sex during which he called her a slut and a whore. Among a myriad of other accusations is one claiming he snuck the young female into the Firehall while on-duty to have sexual relations on multiple occasions.

The documents stem from an on-going divorce proceeding, during which Powers received a psychological and psychosexual evaluation that has been sealed by a judge, citing the results were ‘too embarrassing’ and no public interest. We will let the documents tell the story below, full versions are included in the story below.

While reviewing the personnel file for Powers (included below in full), we located several suspensions, one of which was regarding his social media usage, an image of which is below, depicting him in fire department apparel, with his job listed, and a bio line of “I fuck bitches” – though it didn’t specify an age range.

Benjamin Seth Powers (Facebook)
Benjamin Seth Powers (Facebook)

Here are sections from the sworn affidavit of Julia Kale, who says that Powers began having sex with her between her 8th and 9th-grade years of school when she was 15 years old. The relationship lasted until after she turned 18.

It was documented the pair often had sex off Sawyer Brown Road, unless her mom was not home, in which case they would have sex in her bedroom.

She says Seth Powers was well aware of her age, and that he was her first sexual partner, and told her he would always be there for her.

Benjamin Seth Powers - Nashville Fire Department
Benjamin Seth Powers – Nashville Fire Department

Another affidavit filed with the courts is from one of his ex-wives, Ariel McClain, who details situations including multiple assaults, a ‘contract marriage’ to another service member for profit – even though a sexual aspect also existed.

The ex-wife of Benjamin Seth Powers details that he spent “hours every day” in the restroom masturbating to “cam girls”, to the point he developed sores on his penis.

Benjamin Seth Powers (Nashville Fire Department)
Benjamin Seth Powers (Nashville Fire Department)

Another allegation in the document signed under oath details that Powers allowed his daughter to sleep with him without any underwear or pajama bottoms. In the current divorce proceeding, his wife has requested that Powers undergo an ‘Abel Test‘, which is especially used to measure a tendency toward pedophilia.

Benjamin Seth Powers (MNPD)
Benjamin Seth Powers (MNPD) – after a DUI arrest in Nashville in August of 2018

Some excerpts from the divorce filing by Elizabeth Powers are included below, including trying to convince her the age of consent was 16 in Tennessee.

One of the children reported that she has witnessed Benjamin Seth Powers injecting something into his stomach, and the mother believes this could be steroids.

The Nashville Fire Department spoke with Scoop: Nashville both before and after the release of his personnel file. A spokesman confirmed that Powers is currently employed and on active-duty status, and they have not, nor have any current plans, to open an investigation into any allegations against Powers, even in regard to him sneaking a female into the fire hall for sex in the middle of the night on multiple occasions. Spokesman Joseph Pleasant stated:

“The NFD Administration has not received a formal complaint or accusation about firefighter Powers”. The statement continued… “As part of our Civil Service process, we will not be able to make a statement on investigations that may or may not happen in the future. We will also not be able to make a statement on firefighter Powers’ compliance or failure to comply with any of our OPGs because that could hamper further disciplinary procedures if warranted.”

A full copy of Powers’ HR File is available here for viewing.

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