TrueCore Youth Facility Guard indicted for sexual battery & solicitation of sexual exploitation of minors at Nashville Detention Center

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28-year-old Christopher Williams Ramonoe Hubbard has been indicted on 3 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure, and 5 counts of solicitation of sexual exploitation of a minor, while working at a TrueCore youth detention facility in Nashville.

Christopher Williams Ramonoe Hubbard (Facebook)

The 9-page indictment which was unsealed earlier this month details an investigation by the Department of Children Services and lists 5 youth as victims/witnesses. The indictment alleges that:

  • On February 18th, 2018: Hubbard induced, or attempted to induce a minor less than 18, to engage in conduct that would constitute sexual battery by an authority figure.
  • On February 18th, 2018: Hubbard three times engaged in unlawful sexual contact with a child between the ages of 13 and 18, of which he had disciplinary power over, and used that position of power to accomplish the sexual contact.
  • On February 18th, 2018: Hubbard twice induced a minor to engage in sexual activity that was observed by Hubbard, or another person, that was patently offensive.
  • On February 18th, 2018: Hubbard twice displayed material containing sexual activity to a minor which was described as patently offensive, and for the purpose of sexual arousal of the minor
Christopher Hubbard (MNPD) Booking Photo

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Christopher Williams Ramonoe Hubbard (Facebook)

Christopher Hubbard was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Thursday on the above charges and is held on a $300,000 bond. He also has a hold on his release, as officials state additional charges are pending. Hubbard previously worked at a CoreCivic Facility and at ST. Charles Youth & Family Services, both in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

TrueCore did not immediately respond to inquiries about this story.

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