Woman threatens to have her brother shot for being a “M–F–in’ police caller” #Arrested

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32-year-old Lindsey Nicole Phillips is charged with vandalism and domestic assault after police responded to her house twice in the same night. After they left the first time, she allegedly threated her brother for being a “M–F–in’ police caller”.

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Metro Police responded to a domestic argument on December 10th, the outcome of which was both parties (brother and sister) agreed to stay in separate rooms for the remainder of the evening. After police left the scene, the sister, Lindsey Phillips, is said to have barged into her brother’s (Brandon Phillips) room, demanding to speak to their mother. The brother attempted to intervene, as all there were previously in an argument, and Lindsey is alleged to have threatened to have one of her ‘associates’ from ‘down the street’ come and shoot him for being a “mother fuckin’ police caller”.

Lindsey Nicole Phillips (MNPD)
Lindsey Nicole Phillips (MNPD)

Lindsey told police she threatened him with bodily harm because she has no other way to defend herself against a man. During this same incident, police say Linsey took her mother’s phone and television set out of her hand, causing them to be dropped and damaged.

Lindsey Phillips was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. She remains jailed in lieu of a $2,000 bond.

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