Arrest: Pimping ain’t dead in Nashville

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28-year-old Shawnveccheo Swain is charged with promoting prostitution after admitting to “providing security” for female sex workers at the Lotus Inn and Suites in Nashville. He brought the women from Memphis and paid for the rooms while they worked.

On January 2nd, an undercover police operative met a female at Lotus Inn and Suites after establishing a verbal agreement to pay the woman $100 in exchange for sexual intercourse in room 213. While the operative was speaking with the female she received a phone call from an individual who told her not to answer the door because the police were outside. The female was placed into custody and questioned after being Mirandized. The woman stated that she was at the hotel with two other individuals, the defendant and another woman. She directed police to their room, Room 216. Police then conducted a knock and talk on room 216. The defendant answered the door and allowed police to enter the room.

Shawnveccheo Swain (MNPD)
Shawnveccheo Swain (MNPD)

He and another female were in the room. Under Miranda, identified as Shawnveccheo Swain, stated he traveled from Memphis to Nashville with both females two days ago. He stated both rooms were in his name, which was confirmed by motel staff at the front desk. Shawnveccheo went on to admit that he knew the female in room 213 was engaging in prostitution activity. When presented with a hypothetical situation where the female in room 213 was in danger, Shawnveccheo said that he would provide security for her. Shawnveccheo also possessed the phone which originally alerted the female to police being outside the door.

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Shawnveccheo Swain transported to the Metro Nashville jail, charged with promoting prostitution, and freed on pre-trial release.

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PretrialPromoting Prostitution

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