Boyfriends Brawl: 1 shoved, 1 smashed iPhone, 1 threat to call the realtor and cancel the house.

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Wesley White, 32, was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after an argument at Tribe escalated to a domestic assault. At one point, Wesley exited the car and told his boyfriend to do the same so they could fight. As Wesley exited the car, prepared to battle, the boyfriend locked the doors and drove off for his own safety, per an arrest report.

The victim, Matthew Garrett, stated that he and his boyfriend, Wesley White, were out drinking at the bar Tribe when they got into a verbal argument that escalated to Wesley shoving him. Matthew went on to say that they agreed to leave Tribe and head home. While sitting in the car in the parking lot of their apartment complex, when Wesley became irate once again, per the report. Matthew said that while arguing he told Wesley that he would call the realtor tomorrow to cancel the contract they had on a home.

Wesley White (MNPD)
Wesley White (MNPD)

Wesley responded by grabbing Matthew’s phone and slamming it on the floorboard, damaging the device. After that Wesley told Matthew to get out of the car to fight him. Wesley stepped out of the vehicle and Matthew locked the doors when he began walking toward his door and drove off to avoid any further confrontation. Matthew stated he parked and went into the apartment but about 15 minutes after that Wesley was calling him using the intercom system in their apartment, asking to be allowed back inside, to which Matthew consented. Unfortunately, the couple started arguing again and Matthew said that Wesley began shoving him into walls and punching him in the face multiple times. Matthew had visible signs of injury to his face and hands, which corroborates his statements.

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Wesley White was arrested for domestic assault and vandalism under $2500.00 and has posted a $4000.00 bond.

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