Off-duty deputy bit by shoplifter fleeing with $28 of merchandise

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Juan “Johnny” Pena, 35, is charged with shoplifting and assault after he attempted to get past a reserve deputy working security at the Nolensville Road Walmart, and bit him in an attempt to flee.

Johnny Pena was “shopping” at Wal-Mart on Nolensville Pike when he was observed placing merchandise into his cart and passing all points of sale trying to make his way out of the exit with merchandise worth $28.47, according to an arrest report.

Johnny Pena (MNPD)
Johnny Pena (MNPD)

While on his way out of the store Johnny was stopped by a Morgan County Sheriff’s Department Reserve Deputy, who was working an extra job at the location. The victim, Michael Kruggel, identified himself to Johnny as a Sheriff’s Officer and told him he was being detained. Johnny began to physically resist and bit Michael on his hand, leaving a bite mark.

Juan Johnny Pena was charged with assault and theft of merchandise under $1000.00 and is currently jailed in lieu of a $5000.00 bond.

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