Woman says she “popped boyfriend in the mouth” when he would not “let it go” (cheating allegations)

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39-year-old Stephanie Allen was arrested for domestic assault and public intoxication after she slapped her boyfriend for arguing with her about infidelity issues. She admitted to smacking him in the face three times, and specifically “popped him in the mouth”.

Officers were dispatched to 4th Ave South and Symphony Place on January 4th. When officers arrived, they discovered Stephanie Allen, the defendant, and Ryan Tuberville, the victim, were leaving a bar while in a verbal altercation about infidelity. Stephanie said that Ryan just would not “let it go” so she “popped him in the mouth.”

Stephanie Allen (MNPD)
Stephanie Allen (MNPD)

Ryan said that he did not wish to prosecute rather he just wanted to go home but did go on to say that Stephanie did “smack him in the face 3 times.” Both he and Stephanie were visibly intoxicated during the time of the incident. Stephanie had bloodshot, watery eyes, was unsteady on her feet, and was slurring her speech during interaction with police. She said the alcohol contributed to the altercation but neither party had any visible injuries.

Stephanie Allen was charged with domestic assault and public intoxication and is free on a $1000.00 bond. The pair from. Allen is from Tuscumbia, AL.

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Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Public Intox.
Allen, StephanieGS909120791 VANDIVER HOLLOW RD
Tuscumbia, AL 35674
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