It was no cup of tea when English couple got into a tussle on Nashville trip

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36-year-old Kelly Roberts was charged with domestic assault after she began attacking her husband in a taxi over an argument that began at Honky Tonk Central and found its way back to their room at the Comfort Inn. Kelly punched her husband multiple times, tackled him, cut his face with a razor, and then cut her own wrists as well. She then tried to jump over the railing at the hotel but was saved by her husband.

On February 24th, officers responded to a domestic violence call at the Comfort Inn on Demonbreun Street. Brian Roberts, the victim, and Kelly Roberts are married and live in England together. Upon arrival, Brian told police that he and Kelly had gotten into an argument that started in Honky Tonk Central. During the argument, Brian decided to leave and called a cab for them. Once inside the taxi, Kelly began attacking Brian and punched him in the left eye. Brian exited the taxi and eventually got another cab back to their hotel but he ended up getting stuck in the elevator with Kelly who began punching him again. Brian stated that he attempted to defend himself and pushed Kelly’s head away at which point she obtained a laceration near her right eye.

Kelly Roberts (MNPD)
Kelly Roberts (MNPD)

They eventually ended up in their room and Brian began to gather his belongings so that he could leave but Kelly interrupted by tackling and punching him. Brian went on to say that Kelly began cutting her own wrists with a razor and cut his face with a razor blade as well. He did have an injury on his face consistent with being cut by a razor and a piece of a razor was found in their room. Kelly also had multiple injuries on her wrists consistent with self-inflicted cuts with a razor blade, but she denied cutting her own wrists. While police continued to interview Brian, he stated that Kelly also attempted to jump over the railing but he grabbed her in order to prevent her from jumping. She then attempted to cut her wrists with a piece of plastic broken off of the light outside their door. Kelly was taken into custody as her statements were found to conflict with Brian’s injuries as well as evidence found in the hotel room.

Kelly Roberts was arrested and charged with Domestic Assault. Her bond was set at $2,500.

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