Man attacks family member for telling him to be quiet

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18-year-old Gavin Jennings was charged with domestic assault after he assaulted a family member because they asked him to be quiet while looking for his wallet since others were still sleeping.

Hayden Jennings, the victim, states that he was woken up because Gavin Jennings was slamming doors and yelling because he could not find his wallet. Hayden said he went downstairs to tell Gavin to be quiet since others were still sleeping, but he continued to be loud as he was running around in a frenzy.

Gavin Jennings (MNPD)
Gavin Jennings (MNPD)

He told Gavin to be quiet again. This time, Gavin charged at Hayden and tackled him to the floor. Gavin continued the assault on the ground by punching Hayden and rolling around on the floor. Hayden attempted to get Gavin off of him but was not successful, but another unidentified person came into the room and assisted Hayden in the matter.

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Gavin Jennings was later arrested and charged with Domestic Assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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