Man threatens to blow up ex-girlfriend’s car and shoot up her house, per court records

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20-year-old Chaston Leach is charged with harassment and violation of an order of protection after continuing to contact his ex-girlfriend and threatening her via phone and social media.

On 12/03/19, Chaston Leach was served with an order of protection which prohibited any contact with his ex-girlfriend, Sophia Nelson. Sophia stated that she had been trying to avoid Chaston since April of 2019. She blocked his phone numbers and has gotten new phone numbers herself but he always finds hers and gets new ones himself. He attempted to contact her through her Instagram profile and via phone.

Chaston Leach (MNPD)
Chaston Leach (MNPD)

Messages she has received include: “I will blow your car up (with specific identifications of her vehicle’s make, model, and color), I will fuck you over, I will fuck you over with the police, and I will shoot up your house.”

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Sophia has told Chaston multiple times to cease contact with her. Chaston has still attempted to make contact with her and has violated the order of protection he was served. He was recently taken into custody and booked on the charge of harassment and violation of an order of protection and is free on a $1,500 bond.

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nashville, TN 37211
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