Middle-aged man throws high heel and coffee mug during break-up tantrum

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40-year-old Dracus Graham is charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he took a coffee mug and shoe out of his ex-girlfriend’s car and threw the mug at her windshield and the shoe at her body when she broke up with him.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance on Shaylin Loop and mad contact with the victim, Brenda Johnson. Brenda stated that she had gone over to the residence of Dracus Graham, her now ex-boyfriend, to gather her personal belongings after telling him she did not want to date him anymore. She went on to say that when she arrived at his residence Dracus came out and got into the backseat of her car. Brenda said she tried to leave so that there would not be an altercation but Dracus grabbed a coffee mug and heel from her car while she was trying to back up.

Dracus Graham (MNPD)
Dracus Graham (MNPD)

Dracus then threw the coffee mug at the windshield which cracked it and when Brenda stepped out of the car he threw the heel at her, hitting her in the chest. Officers observed the damage done to the windshield but Brenda said that she did not sustain any injuries. She then left the residence and went around the corner to wait for the police to arrive. Dracus left the scene and would not return when the police tried to call him. Officers did not make contact with him. Dracus was later taken into custody.

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Dracus Graham was charged with domestic assault as well as vandalism and his bond was set at $3000.00.

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