Serial huffer strikes again… this time at Target

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23-year-old Angelina Puryear was charged with inhaling or possessing to inhale fumes and theft of merchandise after she was found huffing an air duster in a Target bathroom on Lebanon Pike.

On February 11th, officers were dispatched to Target on Lebanon Pike about an individual huffing an air duster. Upon arrival, police located Angelina Puryear in the bathroom of a neighboring business. Police could hear the sound of an aerosol can being dispersed and Angelina was seen with the can inside of her mouth. Two additional cans of Endust were recovered from Angelina’s bag. Officers detained Angelina at the scene until she received medical attention from the Nashville Fire Department.

Angelina Puryear (MNPD)
Angelina Puryear (MNPD)

She was then cleared to be taken into custody and was Mirandized. Officers then asked Angelina if she had stolen the cans of air duster and if she was using them for the purpose of intoxication to which she responded “yes” to both questions. Police spoke with loss prevention at Target and they stated that Angelina was found with 4 cans prior to police arrival. She was found with 7 total cans at a total value of $21. Police made contact with Angelina roughly 3 hours prior at the Walgreens on Lebanon Pike, where she was also using aerosol cans to become intoxicated. She was then transported to Skyline Hospital by NFD.

Angelina Puryear was arrested and charged with Inhaling or Possessing to Inhale Fumes, Glue, or Gasses and Theft of Merchandise $1,000 or less. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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