Two face drug & weapons charges after AR-15 w/2 loaded drums, other guns & marijuana found

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26-year-old Dwight Harris Jr. and 24-year-old Zedrick Howard now face multiple charges after a traffic stop led to the discovery of marijuana in a cut tire, an AR-15 with two loaded drum style magazines, a Glock 22, and a Taurus 247.

Tennessee State Trooper Aaron Ranker was patrolling Interstate 40 East when he noticed a vehicle with an unreadable registration and plate cover. He conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle and approached the driver’s side of the car while along the off-ramp at Exit 192. Ranker reported that the vehicle smelled of marijuana and made contact with the driver, identified as Dwight Harris Jr., who informed the trooper that he had no license. Trooper Ranker then asked Dwight and the passenger, Zedrick Howard, to step out of the vehicle. Both were questioned about the smell of marijuana and told the trooper that they had smoked in the vehicle 3 hours prior to driving it.

Both occupants stated there was no other contraband in the vehicle and that Trooper Ranker could search it. The search uncovered 2.5 ounces of marijuana in the trunk by a tire rim with a cut sidewall. The marijuana was broken down into 3 half-ounce bags and one 1 ounce bag. Also in the trunk was an AR-15 with 2 loaded drum magazines, a Glock 22, and a Taurus PT24/7. Dwight claimed ownership of the Taurus but denied any knowledge of the other guns and marijuana. Zedrick, the vehicle owner and passenger, denied knowledge of everything. When Trooper Ranker ran a check on Zedrick he found that he is a felon and should not be in possession of any firearms. Both parties were taken into custody and transported to booking.

Dwight Harris Jr was arrested for possession of a firearm with intent, felony drug offense, as well as driving on a suspended license and his bond was set at $21,000.00. Zedrick Howard was arrested for possession of a firearm with intent, felon in possession of a weapon, along with possession with intent to distribute and his bond was set at $95,000.00.

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