Woman found passed out in Walgreens bathroom charged with public intox

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46-year-old Paige Sinclair was charged with public intoxication after she was found passed out in a Walgreens bathroom.

Paige Sinclair (MNPD)
Paige Sinclair (MNPD)

On February 13th, officers were dispatched to Walgreens on Gallatin Pike in reference to a female passed out in the women’s bathroom. When officers arrived it took them 3 attempts to wake up Paige Sinclair. When Paige finally awoke, officers helped her up and noticed that she had blood shot watery eyes, smelled of alcohol, slurred speech and was unsteady on her feet. After her information was ran through the internal database, her name came back as Shannon Pardee . Police took her into custody for safety as she was deemed a danger to herself and the public due to her level of intoxication.

Paige Sinclair was arrested and charged with public intoxication but the charge was later dismissed. She has previously been booked as both Paige Sinclair and Shannon Pardee.

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