Woman throws soda on ex-boyfriend; charged with domestic assault

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20-year-old Kiara Kinnie was charged with domestic assault and vandalism under $1000.00 after she and her live-in ex-boyfriend got into an argument and she threw soda on him.

The victim, Julian Coston, and Kiara Kinnie are ex-boyfriend and girlfriend that still lived together. On January 11th, officers were dispatched to their residence on Wallace Road because Kiara threw a cup of soda on Julian and was breaking his property. Julian showed officers a video of Kiara throwing a liquid substance from a cup onto him during a verbal altercation.

Kiara Kinnie (MNPD)
Kiara Kinnie (MNPD)

Julian also showed police his television that Kiara had punched and broken, according to the affidavit. In addition, per Julian’s statement, Kiara also ripped and burned a picture of his brother. Kiara had left the scene by the time police arrived and Julian was transported to the family safety center where he was assisted in private prosecution. Kiara was later arrested on January 21st for the incident and charged with Domestic Assault and Vandalism – $1,000 or less. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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