Daughter threatens mother “I’ll shoot you while you’re asleep”, tells sister “I’ll shoot you too”

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24-year-old Omarjean Randolph was charged with domestic assault after she threatened to shoot her mother and sister because she was asked to leave her mother’s house.

On March 21st, Omarjean Randolph was at the home of her mother, Linda Randolph. Omarjean and her boyfriend “Frank” had been living with Linda, who asked her daughter to leave since “Frank” was known to carry a gun, per the affidavit. Linda called her other daughter Janice Randolph to inform her of the situation at hand. While Linda was on the phone with Janice, Omarjean began yelling profanities at her.

Omarjean Randolph (MNPD)
Omarjean Randolph (MNPD)

Omarjean began threatening her mother stating, “I’ll shoot you while you’re asleep.” Omarjean then yelled at Janice while she was on the phone by saying “I’ll shoot you too.” Linda then began walking to Janice’s house and Omarjean followed her on foot but left before police arrived. Linda stated she was fearful of Omarjean and is afraid she will follow through on her threats.

Omarjean Randolph was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $2,500.

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