Drunk man found in apartment complex trying to rent a room

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19-year-old Brody Caviness was charged with public intoxication and consumption of alcohol while under 21 after he was found in an apartment complex attempting to “rent a room at the hotel.”

On March 15th, police were dispatched to the Twelve Twelve condominium complex on Laurel Street in reference to a subject refusing to leave the location. Upon arrival, security pointed out Brody Caviness saying he would not leave and was banging on the door. When officers made contact, they noted that Brody smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, watery eyes, and was unsteady on his feet.

Brody Caviness (MNPD)
Brody Caviness (MNPD)

Brody told police he was “just trying to rent a room at the hotel” while standing in the apartment complex. According to officers, Brody was unable to care for himself due to his level of intoxication and was taken into custody. Police found an Iowa ID on his person that was verified through the TN Department of Safety and his age was verified as 19-years-old.

Brody Caviness was arrested and charged with public intoxication and consumption of alcohol under 21. He was later freed on pre-trial release.

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